Caustic Drop 22' Dual Dry Slide

Caustic Drop 22' Dual Dry Slide

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Caustic Drop: 22 ft Dual Landed  (Dry Slide)
6 Hour Rentals: Regular Price 8 Hours for only $25 More! Over Night for an Additional $50!


The 22ft Caustic Drop Double Lane Dry Slide Inflatable is an exciting and entertaining inflatable slide designed to provide hours of fun for participants. This particular slide stands at 22 feet in height, offering an exhilarating and fast-paced sliding experience.

Key features and components of the slide might include:

1. **Height:** The slide reaches a towering height of 22 feet, providing a thrilling and visually impressive attraction for both kids and adults.

2. **Double Lane:** The term "Double Lane" indicates that the slide features two separate lanes side by side. This design allows two participants to race against each other simultaneously, adding an element of competition and excitement.

3. **Dry Slide:** Unlike water slides that utilize water to create a slippery surface, a dry slide is designed to be used without water. Participants can slide down on a dry surface, which is often made from a smooth and durable material to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.

4. **Inflatable:** The entire structure is inflatable, meaning it is made of durable, air-filled materials that allow the slide to be set up and taken down easily. Inflatable slides are often used in various events, such as parties, festivals, carnivals, and more.

6. **Safety Features:** Inflatable slides come with safety features such as safety netting at the top to prevent participants from accidentally falling off the sides, secure anchor points to keep the slide in place during use, and cushioned landings at the bottom to ensure a soft landing.

7. **Age Range:** The slide is suitable for a range of age groups, making it an ideal attraction for various types of events where participants of different ages will be present.

8. ** Space Required For Setup:** 34'L x 15'w x 22'H

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